Podcast about my work!

Here is the link to a Podcast for Anatomy education Podcasts. In this episode I talk about my project work in art and medicine and in anatomy. You can listen at

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Published article!

Here is the link for my article about the Cancer Ward 12 project that has just been published in the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine:


The link provides a limited number of free full access views/downloads.

I’m delighted of course as this article will hopefully bring more people to the project pages and raise the awareness of the value of a creative approach to understanding illness.

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New Exhibition page launched!

So, the Cancer Ward 12 Exhibition at the Dynevor Centre Gallery is now closed but you can see it here on the new exhibition page. Just click the appropriate heading on the page menu and do scroll down as there is  lot to see!

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The exhibition might be over but the work continues. I am currently putting together a publication based on the project which will be available in e-book and print format. More on that very soon.

I hope that you enjoy the page and that it provides some feel of the physical exhibition. Please do send comments/feedback either by posting here or contact me directly: jacsaorsa@hotmail.com   All such feedback really helps in progressing and developing my work.

Cancer Ward 12 on TV!

Here is the link to my interview on Bay TV Swansea about the Cancer Ward 12 exhibition. I’m on about 35 minutes in! My thanks to Gaina and Bay TV for the opportunity.



This project has allowed me to witness and often share in a huge range of emotions and  it has helped me see the disparities that often lie between what is thought and what is truly understood. It has helped me see the good in the bad and the bad in the good and it has enabled me to realise and to question so many things that perhaps have been reluctant to realise and question before… (I must emphasize that the following is my personal thinking and refers to no person or persons in particular)

Why must people continue to suffer when often there is so very little hope?

What sort of life are they really having, and how is it helping them to go on when going on becomes so painful and without comfort. Is there a choice?

How can patients remain persons and recognised as individuals once they enter the ‘system’?

How can nurses trained in an environment where the prolonging of life is a primary factor come to terms with the idea that managing what they can to help a patient move forward, even if that is towards a peaceul death, is a good one?

How, where even adequate staffing is not necessarily a sufficient condition for compassionate good patient care, can inadequate staffing ever be considered as such?

Someone said,  ‘there is a tendency among some staff to treat sick people on the ward as if they have dementia ‘ – I have seen this.

Quality or quantity? – I am sure I would choose the former but is there a point at which…?

Is the problem about choice where there seems to be none?

Someone said, ‘they help you to suffer ( the treatment is often, and very evidently, worse than the disease itself in terms of the negative effects on the body and mind) but they don’t help you to feel better while you are suffering.’

When is it too much?

When should you stop?

Is/should euthanasia be an option?

When does ‘institutionalism’ set in?

How are the dynamics of end-of-life care played out in regard to the need to ‘be there’ for vulnerable patients and their families?


official invitation to all

Here is the invitation to the Cancer Ward 12 exhibition. It will be open through till July 7th and all are welcome to the ‘official’ opening night, Tuesday June 27th 5-7pm. I would like to express my gratitude to the Dynevor Centre, Swansea College of Art, ABMU, and the organisers of the International Storytelling for Health Conference.

Cancer Ward 12 invite front-page-001Cancer ward invite back-page-001

Exhibition dates!

I am delighted to say that the Exhibition for Cancer Ward 12 will be in the Foyer Gallery at the Dynevor Centre, Dynevor Place, Swansea SA1 3ET from June 13th – July 7th

I will be giving a Keynote Talk at the  International Storytelling for Health conference on Saturday 17th. Here is the info from the official conference program:

Jac Saorsa is the artist and writer behind the Cancer Ward 12 project. Jac will lead an open discussion based on the existential lived experience of cancer and its treatment from the perspective both of patients and those who care for them. The discussion will reflect the themes of the project, which draw on the relationship between literature and real life, with regard to terminal illness. After the discussion there will be an opportunity to visit the Cancer Ward 12 art exhibition with the artist.

The Artist will be available in the exhibition space until 2pm

Beyond the conference itself there will be an official ‘open evening’ scheduled for the exhibition – (provisional date June 27th). More details and invitation to follow.

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